Investigate creativity and each step in the creative process. Deconstruct your major problems and then solve them using 10 divergent thinking strategies. For a brief description of each sub-section and related Divergent Thinking eXperiments, see the Creativity Grid below.


5.01 Understanding Creativity

Learn the definition of creativity, why it’s so important to modern life, how people lose it, and how you can reclaim it. Evaluate yourself to discover your strengths and weaknesses.
Completion Time: 19 Minutes
Mind with Creative Process Firing

5.02 The Creative Process

Learn the five steps in the creative process and receive custom feedback regarding your current skill level for each. See what it takes to maximize your creativity.
Completion Time: 15 Minutes
Fiery Creative Vortex<sup>®</sup>” /></a>
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5.03 The Creative Vortex®

Explore our unique creative problem solving system and apply it to your most challenging issues. Any problem you face will benefit from a fresh and creative approach.

3.03 Completion Time: 5 Minutes
Man Intending to Walk in a Creative Direction

5.04 Creative Intent

Identify your current level of motivation to be creative and discover new techniques for increasing it. With serious effort, you can reclaim your divergent thinking skills.
Completion Time: 16 Minutes
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5.05 Problem Deconstruction

Analyze your problems by unraveling their origins. Then, organize your thoughts into manageable tasks and take the first steps toward generating unique solutions.
Completion Time: 8 Minutes
Divergent Thinking Strategies Brain Filler

5.06-5.08 Divergent Thinking Strategies

Learn 10 specific strategies to increase your divergent thinking skills. The content has been divided to reduce sub-section completion time. Overview: 2 Minutes
Strategies 1-5: 11 Minutes
Strategies 6-10: 11 Minutes
Young People Contemplating New Ways of Thinking

5.09 Divergent Thinking eXperiments

Choose one or complete all ten divergent thinking eXperiments to view your problems from a new perspective. Don’t complain about your problems – solve them.
Completion Time: 3 Minutes Each eXperimentation Period: 1 Week Each
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5.10 Evaluation

After eXperimenting with divergent thinking, evaluate your ideas on divergence, relevance, and feasibility to identify the most appropriate solutions.
Completion Time: 8 Minutes
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5.11 Trial

Give your most promising solutions a try! Analyze your level of success and start the process all over again to conquer your next challenge.
Completion Time: 5 Minutes
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Free Trial

Start your free trial to discover what happened to your creativity and how to reignite it. No registration needed. Start today!
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Develop Your Creativity

Develop your creative thinking skills that are so necessary for innovation and creative problem solving in this complex and ever changing world.