Discover why relationships are so important to your need satisfaction and why they often decline over time. Learn a variety of techniques that can be used to prevent relationship failure. For a brief description of each sub-section and related eXperiments see the Relationships Grid below.

Important Relationships

4.01 Key Accounts

Identify your most important relationships and learn how to keep them strong by understanding exchange theory.
Completion Time: 9 Minutes
Four Major Threats to Relationships

4.02 Threats to Relationships

Learn to overcome each of the four major threats to your relationships: unresolved conflict, psychological distance, stress, and boredom.
Completion Time: 6 Minutes
Couple Having Conflict

4.03 Conflict

Investigate why conflict is inevitable in long-term relationships and why traditional conflict resolution techniques often fail. By understanding the real source of conflict you will be able to overcome it and make your relationships successful.
Completion Time: 8 Minutes
Man Admiring Himself

4.04 Self-Importance

Self-importance causes you to put your needs first and to discount what you get from other people. Over time, this can erode any relationship – and you don’t even know its happening because of its automated nature.
Completion Time: 7 Minutes
Man Admiring Himself in Mirror

4.05 Consequences
of Self-Importance

Discover how self-importance can distort your relationship accounting, make you overly competitive, cause frequent dissatisfaction, and become an automated part of your personality.
Completion Time: 22 Minutes
Man Choosing Between Good and Evil

4.06 Losing Self-Importance

Learn to recognize self-importance in yourself and others. Acquire new techniques to overcome this destructive force and improve your relationships.
Completion Time: 5 Minutes
Hangs Blocking the Brain from Learning about the World

4.07 Cognitive Consistency

Gain an understanding of your tendency toward cognitive consistency and how it negatively affects your relationships. Learn to appreciate novel ideas and different opinions.
Completion Time: 11 Minutes
Couple Communicating By Whispering with Hands Cupped

4.08 Psychological Distance

Discover how impression management increases the psychological distance between you and the people you love. Learn rational honesty so your intrinsic self and relationships can flourish.
Completion Time: 18 Minutes
Love Written in the Sky above Happy Couple

4.09 Being Love

Possessive love is not “true” love and often fails over time. Learn to understand “Being” love which makes you tolerant and increases your psychological intimacy with the people you care about.
Completion Time: 20 Minutes
Man Contemplating his Neuroses

4.10 Neurotic Needs

Find out how enlarged need states cause you to be needy and negatively impact your key relationships. In addition, learn why people often complain and focus on the negative elements in relationships and life.
Completion Time: 10 Minutes
Light Shining through the Sea Surface

4.11 Frustration and Stress

Find out how frustration and repression negatively impact your well being and harm your relationships. Learn more effective techniques for coping with the stress we all encounter in the modern world.
Completion Time: 15 Minutes
Bored Woman and Man Sleeping in Bed

4.12 Boredom

Investigate how automation and adaptation slowly increase over time and squeeze the value out of your relationships. If you have ever wondered what happened to a once strong love, you have probably been a victim of these “inevitable” forces.
Completion Time: 10 Minutes
Young Couple Jumping in Air Enjoying Each Other

4.13 Relationship Life Cycles

Identify the natural cycles that occur in all relationships and why they usually rise and fall. Learn how to add value during every stage to keep your relationships strong over the long-term.
Completion Time: 12 Minutes
Couple Happily Working Together

GX – Growth eXperiments

Apply what you’ve learned by completing the growth eXperiments. Learn how to lose self-importance, gain self-worth, live more truthfully, and accurately assess your most important relationships.
eXperimentation Period: 1 Week Each
Woman Choosing to Strive for Understanding Creativity and Growth

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