In this section you will explore your personal psychology and experiment with growth techniques. You’ll find new ways to study more effectively, overcome failure, and deal with dysfunctional feelings. For a brief description of each sub-section and the eXperiments see the Psychology Grid below.

The Internal Model

2.01 Internal Model

Discover how your personal view of the world was constructed and how it controls your verbal and overt behaviors.
Completion Time: 20 Minutes
Controlled Memory Operations

2.02 Memory

Examine how your memory works, the different levels of processing available to you, and the most effective way to study and learn.
Completion Time: 13 Minutes
Beliefs and Values

2.03 Beliefs and Values

Uncover how you acquired your beliefs and values and whether they are achieving your long-term goals.
Completion Time: 9 Minutes
Cognitive Consistency

2.04 Cognitive Consistency

Investigate cognitive consistency, how it affects your beliefs and behaviors, and what you can do to control it – so it doesn’t control you.
Completion Time: 12 Minutes
Couple Sitting Together Showing Importance of Involvement

2.05 Involvement

Explore the life cycle of involvement and what makes it rise – or fall. In addition, learn the critical role involvement plays in the success or failure of your long-term relationships.
Completion Time: 10 Minutes
Pictures on Wall Show Variety of Human Emotions

2.06 Feelings

Discover how your feelings are formed, how they can become dysfunctional over time, and what you can do to control them.
Completion Time: 28 Minutes
Man Pushing the World Up Hill

GX – Growth eXperiments

Apply your new knowledge by completing the growth eXperiments. Learn to study better, turn failure into success, confront cognitive consistency, and change outdated attitudes.
eXperimentation Period: 1 Week Each
Girl Studying with Books All Around

Free Trial

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New Mind, New Life

Understanding your personal psychology and experimenting with new behaviors will help you take control of your life and realize your goals.