This section focuses on eXperimentation. Here you’ll practice specific techniques related to the material in the Psychology, Motivation, Relationships, and Creativity sections. Growth takes time. Habits don’t change over night. Therefore, we recommend you eXperiment with new behaviors for at least one week. For a brief description of these eXperiments see the Growth Grid below.

Group of People all Holding Sign Saying Growth

6.01 Growth

Gain an understanding of what growth is and how it benefits you. Then review the major factors that limit growth before starting the eXperiments!
Completion Time: 2 Minutes
Man Pushing Rock Uphill and Refusing to Fail

6.02 Psychology eXperiments

Psychological eXperiments teach you how to: study more effectively, change failure into success, confront cognitive consistency, and change outdated attitudes. Its time to start developing a growth mindset!
eXperimentation Period: 1 Week Each
Woman Coping with Modern Stress

6.03 Motivation eXperiments

Motivational eXperiments teach you how to: express your intrinsic-self, cope with modern stress, overcome the human tendency to complain, and release unconscious feelings in a positive way.
eXperimentation Period: 1 Week Each
Relationship Assessment Form

6.04 Relationships eXperiments

Relationship eXperiments teach you how to lose self-importance, gain self-worth, live more truthfully, and assess the status of your most important relationships.
eXperimentation Period: 1 Week Each
Man Playing Air Guitar with a Mop

6.05 – Counter Thinking Content and eXperiments

Counter thinking eXperiments require you to think in a new and different way. Five limiting traits are explained followed by an eXperiment to overcome each one.
Content Completion Time: 8 Minutes Each eXperimentation Period: 1 Week Each
Woman Choosing to Strive for Understanding Creativity and Growth

Embrace eXperimentation

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