Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve worked hard to make the site user-friendly and easy to navigate. However, every user’s experience is different. The following are questions we would like to clarify. If you have more, please Contact Us and this time, we’ll provide the answers to your questions.

What do my results mean?

Your results include 3 parts: Feedback, Analysis, & Recommendations. Feedback is a list of the answers you provided, the population average, and your percentile. Analysis includes your scores for specific metrics or formulas. How each score is calculated is explained above the score while the score’s range is listed below. Again, the population average for each score is included along with your percentile.

What does ‘Your Percentile’ mean?

Your percentile describes where your responses fit in the population. The number represents the percent of scores below yours. For example, if your percentile is 35%, this means that 35% of the population scored lower than you and 65% scored higher. Since some scores represent positive attributes and other represent negative attributes, it is important to read the score description carefully to know whether a high or low score is desirable.

Who makes up the ‘Population Average’?

Currently, the population is made up of mostly college students. However, there is a wide variety of users from several different countries included in the population. As our customer base grows, the population will evolve. Demographic updates will be posted in our Blog – News section.

How secure is my information?

As secure as we can make it. Please review our Secure Site page which describes the measures we have taken in detail.

Why can’t I return to my results page?

The database calculations are dynamic. This means that they are recalculated every time a user submits there responses. Therefore, these pages constantly change (dynamic) instead of remaining the same (static).

In addition, the Internet’s basic protocol (IP) and the Web’s Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) are both ‘stateless’ interactions. This means your information is not ‘saved’ on the Internet. Many websites use cookies to store information on a user’s machine and later retrieve it. Currently, we do not use cookies for this purpose. Instead, we store your survey responses in a ‘Session Variable’ until you hit the final ‘Submit’ button, which ends your Session clearing the stored data. Session variables are temporary storage systems which eventually time out. They are not good for permanent storage.

Where is the video playbar? Why can I watch videos at double speed?

We understand you are busy and skimming/skipping the movies appears to be an efficient learning strategy. Research suggests that this is not the case. Specifically, when digital media users slow down their consumption rate, material comprehension goes up. Removing the playbar/increased speed options is our way of helping you to slow down and get the most out of our materials. We understand this may frustrate you. However, our mission is to help you grow and lead a better life. Helping you to understand and resist the lure of quick and easy solutions, studying and otherwise, is part of that mission.