In this section you’ll be introduced to the full set of human needs including the five preconditions to need satisfaction. You’ll learn which needs come first, why it is important to satisfy all of them, and how get in touch with your latent desire for growth. You will also explore how needs become frustrated and effective methods for coping with stress. For a brief description of each sub-section and related eXperiments see the Motivation Grid below.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

3.01 Motivation

Rediscover Maslow’s famous model in a way that helps you understand yourself and others. His hierarchy is the most widely referenced model of needs for a good reason – it contains all the information that is essential to understanding motivation.
Completion Time: 7 Minutes
Woman Striving to Meet her Needs

3.02 Preconditions

Discover the five preconditions that must be met before you can successfully satisfy your needs. This component of the model is usually left out, but contains vitally important information.
Completion Time: 16 Minutes
Physiological Needs

3.03 – 3.04 Deficiency Needs

Understand the eight deficiency needs. These are central to Maslow’s model because if they are not satisfied, you become sick. This sub-section is broken into 2 parts to shorten the completion time.
3.03 Completion Time :12 Minutes
3.04 Completion Time :10 Minutes
Man Contemplating his Neurotic Needs

3.05 Neurotic Needs

Maslow used the term “neurotic” to refer to needs that have become enlarged through deprivation or affluence. Find out if your neurotic needs are preventing self-actualization and growth.
Completion Time: 10 Minutes
Subconscious Needs

3.06 Subconscious Needs

Explore your subconscious memory where negative energy from unsatisfied needs is stored. See how these fragments of pain can pool together and cause you to perform self-destructive and anti-social behaviors.
Completion Time: 15 Minutes
Man Looking Up Contemplating his Growth Needs

3.07 Growth Needs

While growth needs are often dormant in young adults they are crucial to your long-term success and happiness. Discover how you can activate these needs in order to lead a more authentic and intrinsic life.
Completion Time: 9 Minutes
Woman on Life's Journey

3.08 Life’s Journey

Your life’s journey is not predestined – you create it through your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Gain new information and new tools to shape your future in the direction you desire.
Completion Time: 8 Minutes
Express Your Intrinsic Self

GX – Growth eXperiments

Apply what you’ve learned by completing the Motivation growth eXperiments. They will teach you how to: express your intrinsic-self, cope with modern stress, overcome the human tendency to complain, and release unconscious feelings in a positive way.
eXperimentation Period: 1 Week Each
Woman Choosing to Strive for Understanding Creativity and Growth

Meet Your Needs

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