This section provides multiple opportunities for personal discovery and also serves as an overview of the entire site. For a brief description of what is covered in each sub-section, along with the estimated completion time, see the Discovery Grid below.

Woman Wondering Where Did I Come From?

1.01 Self-Identity

Learn who you are and why you act the way you do – including both biological and cultural influences. Investigate the purpose of life and how to live yours to the fullest.
Completion Time: 12 Minutes
Little Girl Expressing Herself Through Painting

1.02 Self-Expression

Discover the importance of self-expression and why it is so critical to your relationships and quality of life.
Completion Time: 11 Minutes
Woman Looking in Mirror and Thinking About Self Esteem

1.03 Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is often misunderstood. Learn its three major determinants and how to increase them.
Completion Time: 7 Minutes
The Contrast Between Self Worth and Self Importance

1.04 Self-Importance
and Self-Worth

Understand these critical concepts, how they influence your daily life, and how they can help – or hurt – your relationships.
Completion Time: 10 Minutes
Close-Up of Woman with Globe in her Eye Representing Personal Bias

1.05 Personal Bias

Identify how personal bias impacts the way you view the world and interact with others. Find out how truth seeking and cognitive consistency shape your opinions for better or worse.
Completion Time: 5 Minutes
Arguing and Loving Couple Show the Loving and Difficult Sides of Personal Relationships

1.06 Personal Relationships

Discover how your behavior affects the people you care about most and what you can do to improve your key relationships.
Completion Time: 7 Minutes
Man Demonstrating Personal Creativity by Creating Cityscapes in the Air

1.07 Personal Creativity

Learn how creativity is defined, why it is so important in the modern world, and what you can do to improve your problem solving skills.
Completion Time: 6 Minutes
Man Exercising Personal Growth by Climbing a Mountain

1.08 Personal Growth

Gain an understanding of the importance of a growth mindset to living a happy and productive life.
Completion Time: 5 Minutes
Woman Choosing to Strive for Understanding Creativity and Growth

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