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To see how the process works, click any or all of the life defining questions below. Watch a 2-minute video and answer a few interesting questions. Receive customized feedback and personal recommendations for growth. Take the first step toward a better future.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I love the feeling of walking into class saying to myself,
‘I’m about to teach these people something powerful enough to change their lives.’

Dr. Robert W. Smith
Tilburg University, Netherlands

The concepts were easy to grasp through the multiple routes of learning.

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I feel I could apply this information anywhere.

Anonymous User Feedback

I learned a lot about personal growth.

Anonymous User Feedback

Urging us to apply this to our lives today really helped me understand the material
and made it more interesting.

Anonymous User Feedback

This material is extremely important for people to understand
and the growth experiments make it accessible for everyone.

Dr. Adam Duhachek
University of Illinois – Chicago

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Skill Acquisition

This unique system has five main elements: (1) interesting videos provide the content, (2) provocative questions help you elaborate the material, (3) customized feedback shows how your answers compare to others, (4) personal recommendations highlight areas where you can grow, and (5) growth eXperiments outline specific actions for self-improvement.

Video Instruction

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Content is presented in engaging videos that average only 2 minutes. Quality visuals are used to elaborate the material, not talking heads. Video text and popup definitions make learning easier and self-paced.

Provocative Questions

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Thoughtful questions are posed after each video. Your answers will reveal important aspects of your personality and the success of your future relationships. Apply the material to yourself, not an abstract case study.

Customized Feedback

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Your answers are analyzed using statistical inference. You will receive instant, data-based, feedback and analysis showing how you compare to other people, not platitudes and anecdotes.

Personal Recommendations

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Receive personalized ideas for growth based on your answers, not one-size-fits-all suggestions. Find out where you can benefit most by growth and why it is important to your future success.

Growth eXperiments

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After exploring the content, it’s time to grow. There are 17 Growth eXperiments and 10 Creativity eXperiments available to you. Watch yourself grow as you complete the process.

Start Growing Today!

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Now that you know the details, what are you waiting for? Start today.

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Want to learn more about each section before getting started? Visit our topic overview pages to learn about the specific content covered, completion times, and benefits for you. Enjoy!