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You were born with the ability to generate creative ideas using your divergent production system. Indeed, research shows that 98% of kids age 3-5 score in the “creative genius” range on divergent thinking tests. Sadly, this high percentage of creative people then begins a sharp downward trend due to a number of reasons.

First, primary education stresses finding one correct answer – usually in a linear manner - to any problem. In addition, schools, parents, and society seek conformity and individual complacency to minimize disruptions. Primary schooling also emphasizes rote learning, which is inefficient, and degrades your divergent thinking skills by requiring mindless repetition … again, … and again. Together, these factors take a heavy toll on creativity – by age 8-10 only 32% score in the creative genius range!

As you go through puberty and enter high school the pressure to conform grows even more intense. At this stage, performing divergent behaviors can get you ostracized from the group, bullied by peers, and punished by parents and teachers. By this time, adaptation and automation also take a heavy toll by frequently putting you into a non-creative mindset. As a result, by age 13-15 only 10% score in the creative genius range.

College is supposed to be a place to try new things and spread your creative wings, but for many students this is not the case. Once again they again find a curriculum anchored around rehearsal and rote learning with almost no creativity training. Another problem is that divergent thinking is part of your intrinsic self; so having it repressed creates frustration. In part, this is why many students are unmotivated, engage in binge drinking, and take undue risks. And, as graduation approaches and you need to find a job, there are even more pressing reasons to conform and fit in. Indeed, by age 25, only 2% score in the creative genius range.

Thus, it is not surprising that most young adults have trouble when creativity is needed to resolve conflict, eliminate stress, and keep relationships exciting. Fortunately, your divergent resources and creative intent are not gone; they are just dormant from non-use. If you make a serious effort, you will find you can recover your divergent production system and the innovative ideas it generates by going through the Creativity section at strive4growth.

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