Self-Discovery Certification Exam

Each Question is worth 2.5 points. A score of 80 is required to pass.

True False Questions

1) The reason humans are considered wise is that our ancestors continuously invented new and better ways of doing things.


2) Humans have an innate desire to avoid growth.


3) You will not have to resolve conflict with others if they share your religious and political beliefs.


4) Each parent contributes half of the genetic material to each child.


5) According to Maslow, self-esteem is the last of the “growth needs.”


6) In any large group there will be very few variations of human traits like athleticism and music talent.


7) If you perform too many extrinsic behaviors you can expect to become emotional and then physically ill.


8) Most of us express our true feelings all the time.


9) Human beings show variation on every trait. 


10) Examples of self-important behaviors include: favoring your own ideas in group settings and expecting people to agree with you on subjective issues like politics and religion.


11) Each of us has a “Biological Intrinsic Self” that is unique (except for identical twins).


12) Self-importance is easy to see in others but almost impossible to see in yourself because these behaviors become automated and then are performed without awareness.


13) Self-worthy people get intrinsic pleasure from helping others and do so willingly and often.


14) One criteria for having high self-esteem is that you must satisfy the deficiency needs using mostly intrinsic behaviors – things you enjoy doing.


15) People often lack a growth model – a set of specific guidelines for generating new behaviors and then evaluating whether they are successful or not.


16) As we grow up, we are exposed to ideas for how the world works and how we should behave in it.


17) Different individuals often get the exact same enculturation throughout life.


18) By the time you are an adult, you will perform both intrinsic and extrinsic behaviors.


19) Some people can perform a high number of extrinsic behaviors, before they start to get sick.


20) An idea is creative it is divergent and relevant.


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