Reasons to Adopt

Take your teaching and your students to the next level. Everything you need to update your Consumer Behavior class is provided: textbook, interactive website with questions and feedback, classroom videos and slides, syllabus recommendations with assignment and grading options, access to a large exam bank, eXperiments for personal growth and creative problem solving.

For a brief description of how this humanistic approach can help you and your students, see the Benefits Grid below.

Innovative strive4growth Consumer Behavior teaching materials

Innovative Materials

  • Personally Relevant Text – designed to help modern students solve problems
  • Multiple Routes to Learning – students read, watch, think, discuss, and apply
  • Sample Syllabus – recommendations for structure, timing, assignments, and grading
  • Teaching Notes – ideas for engaging students at Level III
  • Exam Questions – access is available with adoption
Benefit: Teach a more meaningful class
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Interactive Learning

  • Survey-Based Website – requires students to apply material to their lives
  • Coordinated PowerPoint Slides – make your lectures more relevant and engaging
  • Elaborative Discussion Questions – perfect for the ‘flipped’ classroom
  • 17 Growth eXperimentals – consolidate student learning
  • 10 Creative Thinking eXperimentals – develop problem solving skills
Benefit: Increased student engagement
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Relevant Content

  • Growth-Based Learning – set your students on a path for long-term success
  • Self-Discovery – help students discover their identity and true potential
  • Psychology and Motivation – explains human nature and what really drives behavior
  • Relationship Marketing – helps students interact with others in a tech heavy world
  • Creative Problem-Solving – allows students to develop new solutions to old problems
Benefit: Provides high value knowledge
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Clear and Concise

  • Original – content based on years of research and teaching, not repackaged parts of other texts
  • Clear – personally relevant examples make it easier to elaborate the concepts, pop-up definitions help English as a second language students
  • Concise – no descriptive or filler material, students read only what is important and applicable
  • Affordable – text available in economical PDF version
Benefit: Efficient with broad appeal
Happy Consumer Behavior students filling out teacher evaluations

User Feedback

  • Rob W. Smith, PhD – “It’s an amazing class; fun to teach, students love it, and I really believe it makes a difference in their lives.”
  • Jon Quinn, Lecturer and Practitioner – “It enriched my life and those of my students, I shared numerous principles with my colleagues and family.”
  • Student #1: – “Best class in college!”
  • Student #2: – “My favorite class in the Fisher School of Business.”
  • Student #3: – “Useful information I can apply to my personal and professional life.”
Benefit: Increased teaching satisfaction
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