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We’ve worked hard to make the site user-friendly and easy to navigate. However, every user’s experience is different. The following are questions we would like to clarify. If you have more, please Contact Us and this time, we’ll provide the answers to your questions.

What do my results mean?

Your results include 3 parts: Feedback, Analysis, & Recommendations. Feedback is a list of the answers you provided, the population average, and your percentile. Analysis includes your scores for specific metrics or formulas. How each score is calculated is explained above the score while the score’s range is listed below. Again, the population average for each score is included along with your percentile.

What does ‘Your Percentile’ mean?

Your percentile describes where your responses fit in the population. The number represents the percent of scores below yours. For example, if your percentile is 35%, this means that 35% of the population scored lower than you and 65% scored higher. Since some scores represent positive attributes and other represent negative attributes, it is important to read the score description carefully to know whether a high or low score is desirable.

Who makes up the ‘Population Average’?

Currently, the population is made up of mostly college students. However, there is a wide variety of users from several different countries included in the population. As our site grows the population will change. Please read your demographic survey results carefully to see who makes up the majority of the population at the time you completed your surveys. Demographic updates will be posted in News.

How secure is my information?

As secure as we can make it. Please review our Secure Site page which describes the measures we have taken in detail.

Why can’t I take a survey more than once?

At this time, having a user take the survey more than once negatively impacts the database. We are working to allow users to retake surveys so that you can compare your results over time. Until then, please bare with us during development. See the image to the right for an example of this affect.

Why can’t I refresh my results page?

Refreshing your results page re-enters your responses into the database negatively affecting the population calculations. See the image to the right for an example of this affect.

Why can’t I return to my results page?

The database calculations are dynamic. This means that they are recalculated every time a user submits there responses. Therefore, these pages constantly change (dynamic) instead of remaining the same (static).

In addition, the Internet’s basic protocol (IP) and the Web’s Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) are both ‘stateless’ interactions. This means your information is not ‘saved’ on the Internet. Many websites use cookies to store information on a user’s machine and later retrieve it. Currently, we do not use cookies as their use concerns some users. Instead, we store your survey responses in a ‘Session Variable’ until you hit the final ‘Submit’ button, which ends your Session clearing the stored data. Session variables are temporary storage systems which eventually time out. They are not good for permanent storage. We are working on a system where results can be stored & later combined. Unfortunately, this is rather difficult to do in a stateless & dynamic environment. Please bare with us during this period.

Why can’t I save all of my results at once?

For the same reasons you cannot return to your results page listed above. We are working on this issue. Until then, please save your results individually.

When will the other sections be available?

Currently we are working on Psychology and Creativity. Visit the section overview page for updates and review the dropdown menus for free access to subscription content during the development phase.

When will Certification be available?

Certification of a specific section will be available when that content section is complete. We are developing this process along with the content so they will be offered at the same time.

What kind of feedback can I expect after taking a Certification exam?

You will receive feedback regarding your performance on the exam. Specifically, you will receive – your overall score, which questions you missed, the correct answers to those questions, & links to the videos of the material related to each exam question. We want you to do well on these exams. However, we must make them rigorous enough to identify who truly understands the material and is deserving of certification. If you do not pass an exam on the first try, you will be allowed time to study & then given access to a different exam so that you may try again. All users are allowed 3 attempts to pass a Certification exam. Please visit Certification for more information regarding requirements.

Can I get notified when a section I am interested in is finished?

Sure! Contact Us and we’ll contact you as new services become available.