Psychology eXperiments Overview

Growth occurs when you perform new behaviors that are successful. Examples would include: adding value to a relationship by losing self-importance, settling a dispute by overcoming cognitive consistency, living a more healthy lifestyle by reducing stress, improving your study habits in college, or increasing your productivity at work.

Growth is very important to you for a number of reasons. First, it prevents boredom in your relationships, career, and life. Second, growth allows you to stay current with rapidly changing events. Third, growth improves your psychological and physical health. Fourth, growth facilitates honesty, intimacy, and being-love, thereby improving your relationships. And fifth, growth allows you to satisfy your highest needs and reach self-actualization.

Unfortunately, growth is often prevented by factors like: low self-esteem, high self-importance, cognitive consistency, modern stress, automation of behavior, and lack of creativity. Fortunately, you can overcome each of these obstacles through understanding and experimentation.

This module covers personal and professional growth. Personal growth is designed to stimulate your individual development and includes growth experiments related to: psychology, motivation, relationships, and counter-thinking. Through experimentation and practice, you will develop your creative problem solving skills and add significant value to your key relationships.

Professional growth begins with an assessment of creativity at four levels in your organization: personal, interpersonal, managerial, and environmental. Feedback and analysis are provided along with recommendations for how to improve workplace relationships, morale, innovation, and productivity.

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